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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What is Faithbooking?

Hi Divas, Luisa here!!!  Am writing todays post instead of Vanessa! 

I decided to write this post, basically to help me clarify what Faithbooking is and what route to take in this regards.  Hope it helps you too!!!

My first question is: What is FAITH BOOKING?
Searching the internet I found these definitions:
  • Faithbooking is about finding God's fingerprints on your life and journaling and scrapbooking those moments!
  • Faithbooking is an important part of scrap booking your heritage!
  • Faithbooking the focus is on our spiritual journey and the faith heritage that we want those who come behind us to remember about us!
  • Faithbooking, in simple terms, is putting the face of God on our scrapbook pages!
  • Faithbooking is simply incorporating our beliefs and experiences with God with the memories we leave for our children (and children’s children) through scrap booking.
Second question:  Why I should create a Faithbook?  Here is a pretty good answer:
  • Creating a spiritual scrapbook or Faithbook provides a visible reminder of all that God has done for your family.
  • And I think it is a great way to document our Faith for future generations.  Am sure they will love to know this information about us.

Third question:  Do I need to create a 100% dedicated album to Faithbooking? 
Not really!  We can start by doing some layouts about our Faith. OR We can start by adding faith to our pages!  Which can be done in many different ways through titles, scripture stickers and tags, or journaling blocks.  We can incorporate our faith by adding scripture verses to layouts of life activities or special events.

Fourth question:  Where should I start?
What I decided for me is the following: 
1) I will follow Vanessa Challenges Prompts and Ideas to create Layouts about my Faith.
2) Will also work in incorporate scriptures into my layouts more often.

What about you?  Share with us if you are incorporating your Faith in your layouts? 

Hugs and blessing your way!


NickelNook said...

I love this! I think it's really important and so much fun! I participate in a Scripture Challenge and I use Scripture in lots of other projects as well! Faith is an important part of our life so it follows that it will show up in the albums! I look forward to seeing more here! Thanks very much!...Nancy :o)

bless her heart said...

I love this idea! I need to be more purposeful in including my faith in my children's pages. Looking forward to the challenges!
~ Stephanie

ScrappinAnn said...

Just stopped to say hi at your new home so you know I am still "out there".
blessings to you all!

Jessica said...

I really need to get a fire lit under my rear end and get this started. I want future generations to know that with God, life is Good!

Sandy said...

Love my faithbooking pages. I love taking one word, find a scripture that has it and scrap that. I've also put some of my thoughts on the back of the scrappage. Kinda for my grandchildren and that is many moons away.

Luisa said...

Nancy; Glad you like it. I tried to do the Scripture challenge and failed. I may try again!

Steph, am with you girl!

Ann, Glad you are visiting us! Your are more then welcome here!

Jessica, am the same as you, but think this prompts and making a plan will help!

Sandy,I like the idea of incorporating scriptures in layouts.

Thanks ladies for your comments!!!

Lolis said...

Luisa, this is very informative. I started my faithbooking with Vanessa's challenge last month! I plan to continue doing her challenges! Sandy I love your idea of getting one word and find the scripture!

Luisa said...

Lolis, Glad you joined. We will be posting a monthly challenge and some prompts!

A Sarasota said...

Wonderful explanation--such an important part of scrapping!!

Vanessa C. said...

Great post Luisa! Thank you! Faithbooking is such a HUGE part of my scrapping. (When I have time... lol.)

JustYolie said...

Thanks Luisa for the explanation. :)