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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Organization Ideas - Cricut Cartridges

 Hello Divas,

It´s me, Luisa!!!  And today am sharing some ideas to store our precious Cricut Cartridges!!!

1) CRICUT BINDER - It´s a great idea!  You add velcro strips to the binder and to the back of the cartridges. Easy peasy! 

The keyboards goes in the left side of the binder in individual bags.
Then you print the cartridge images content, insert  them in a page protector and you are ready to go!

2) CRICUT CASE TO GO!  I like this one a lot...  You insert the cartridges on one side and keyboards and booklets in the other.  There is even room for accesories!!!

3) SMALL BASKET - If you, like me, have a small collection, can use a small basket to have the cartridges on hand!

4) CRICUT LAZY SUSAN - I like this idea a lot also.  the only problem is that I don´t have enough room (or cartridges)!

5) CRICUT SCRAP AND TOTE - Everything corresponding to one cartridge is in one individual pouch!  Another great option for your scrapbook and ready to go!

6) CRICUT SCRAP-O-NIZER CASE - This is a great ¨to-go¨ storage idea also!  Specially if you donñt have many cartridge or if you know which cartridges you want to use and want to ¨crop light¨!

7) CRICUT SNAPWARE - Another portable solution.  I like it, but itñs bulky!

Which one is your fave one? 
Do you have a blog post with your storage solutions?  Share the link with us to check them out... 
If you don´t have a blog post about it, don´t worry, share your solutions with us... 
We love to hear/read them!!!

Hugs and blessings your way!!!


Jessica said...

Excellent Ideas Luisa! TFS

Sandy said...

Wow, there are a lot out there! I love my gypsy because all the carsts are on there. Its the ultimate organizer but I need to come up with something for the booklets. I still use those esp with something that has a ton of layers so I can see the example. TFS

Luisa said...

Jessica, thanks!

Sandy,I don't own a gypsy and not sure I will (not a techy girl as you know).

Lolis said...

Great organization tips! I don't have tons of cartridges either, but I use the gypsy. I also have the pictures of the sample images saved. I love my gypsy. I don't take cartridges or handbooks to crops anymore. I also like to store sketch ideas! The only bad thing is that my Gypsy broke and I had to send it to Provocraft. They are sending me a new, I should get next week. I dont know if my pictures are going to be there!

A Sarasota said...

I'm so jealous--so many cartridges! I love the snapware idea, so handy, and see-through. Awesome post!

JustYolie said...

That's intense! That's some serious cartridge collections! I keep my carts in a drawer, I don't have many.

TC said...

On the #2 option (Art Bin/Reflections case).... the only problem I had was when you carried it the carts would slip around.... so I put small piece of velcro on the tray and the carts.... they stay put. Easy for porting and seeing which carts you have quickly. I also take out the unneeded sheets out of my booklets to allow them to fit better.

Jen Muller said...

How do you get the cartridge images content that you printed out and put in the binders? I LOVE that idea! My favorite is the scrap n tote. I have 2 that are both full, and am SO sad they are being discontinued!

Southern Ladies Under Tremendous Stress said...

Sandy, I have a gypsy and I agree I love having only to take that when I go to a crop. What I did was I got a pretty binder (Turquoise and lime green of course, my favorite color combo) and when to Cricut.com. I went to the shop tab and pulled up all 145 cartridges that I had, individually, and then I printed the cartridge sheet out (copied picture and pasted it into powerpoint and made it 8.5 x 11) and then put them in alpha order. I use the cricut mini and everything fits nicely into my cricut bag when I go to crops.

Southern Ladies Under Tremendous Stress said...

Oh and for those wondering why all the letters in Southern Ladies Under Tremendous Stress is all CAPS, it because it spells out S.L.U.T.S. One of our crazy friends from Florida bought us cups for our crops and this is what was on them. We all laughed so hard we cried and then got back to scrappin.