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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Book Of Me, Part 1

 Well, hello. Pammie Kay here.  This post is going to be about starting or continuing a Book of Me.  Let me start by saying there is no right way or wrong way...just YOUR way.  Some ideas are a traditional album, a 3-ring binder, or even a mini album.  I usually jump around with my life, but that is because I do subjects as I find a picture buried in my mom's treasures!
   I think the most important reason for a BOM is to record your life. Ever look at a picture of an ancestor and wonder, "how did they come to America?" I do. We all have forgotten stories in our families.  Since we are always behind the camera as moms, our story is getting lost.  To look at photos, a stranger would think my children didn't have a parent! 
    So Angie Pederson who writes several great books about journaling. She even has a book of me book. She also gives us some great pointers in her blog (click here to read more or follow Angie, as I do!) 
"If this were an event in your grandmother’s life, what would you want to know from her? What thoughts would you want her to jot down about an experience in her life?" What an awesome prompt is that? Your Grand kids will wonder the same thing.
    In the space, we will look at different ways to express ourselves, through writing, painting, art & pictures.  I love seeing what you are doing, so I will be asking to see our layouts...even offer a monthly prize for a random participant every month!

   Here are some samples of some I have made in the past...I added lots of journaling in the first one, and not as much in the second set. But the paper behind my picture is a copy (on acid free paper!) of one of my homework pages from 2nd grade!)
   So, here's comes a challenge for you...Where did you grow up?  I'm going to start on mine tonight. All layouts are due by Wednesday, August 10, at 5:pm CST.  I'll announce the winner in my post on Thursday.   Be sure and upload your URL to Mr. Linky or you can respond in the BOM group on our Facebook page. (I think I have to invite you to join, so ask me on the FB page)

Can't wait to see what you create!


NickelNook said...

I'm really interested in doing a BOM but my Mom is having trouble giving up my childhood pictures! lol I love the layouts you've shared and can't wait to see and learn more! Thanks Pammie!...Nancy :o)

Jessica said...

Pammie, this is a wonderful post and so precisely explained!!!! Loved this idea since I first heard of it and really want to get crack-a-lacking on starting a BOM!

Luisa said...

Pam, Awesome layouts and as you mentioned in your post, these will be memories that future generations will adore to have and thank us for thinking on them!
Love the challenge and will work on it...Thanks!

A Sarasota said...

BOM is such a wonderful concept! thanks for sharing, Pam!