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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Fun in Oklahoma

   It is hot here in Oklahoma (yes, I live in Illinois, but am visiting my family in Ok).  There has only been one day under 100 in the week I have been here.  At least we have a pool to swim in to cool off. 
   My first mini-album post is going to feature y very first mini that I ever made!  I have learned so much since then!  I had found pictures in my son's room of he and his buddies fishing.  They were pics of the smallest fish in the world!  So I made this just to embarrass him!  He loved it instead!  We didn't have Maya Road to make chipboard albums in fun shapes then!  So I drew and cut my album by hand!

The base of it is a cut-up cereal box.I glued 2 pieces together because one layer was not thick enough,  I covered it those with Bazzill paper and added a scrap of water paper.  The stickers used throughout are from Karen Foster, I think.  It's been a long time.
    I then just cut the same fish pattern for the inside pages. I cut the pics to fit the pages and added some journaling and stickers. 
 Now, as I said, this was the first one I ever made.  Here are my suggestions for changes...

  • instead of covering the outside with the heavy cardstock, I would use something more "pliable" that would make the curves look smoother

  • I would use a liquid adhesive instead of a tape runner. The runners will eventually let go with too much handling. My back cover did that!

  • And the obvious...use a heavier chipboard!    

  •   So that is my first post.  I'd love if you could tell me about your first mini-album.  When I get back to the house, I will start us mini-album "challenge".  I haven't decided how to best do it, because they are fairly involved.  But I'll get it going for us. 
       Be sure and check back for it...tell your friends.  And do something scrapilicious today!

    Pammie Kay


    Jessica said...

    Pam, I love the fish album! What a great job you did using cereal boxes (very Green of you)! My first ever mini album was a Chipboard Flower mini. I used my Cricut to cut flowers from serenade to fit the chipboard pages (hand cutting may have been easier since I ended up hand cutting some edges anyway...LOL) I chose some colors that I personally wasn't all that pleased with when it was completed. However, I felt better about it when I offered a FREE ITEM of CHOICE from my Etsy shop as a challenge prize during one of Maryanne's Scrappy Gift Online Crops. Low and Behold...the winner, Janice, chose THAT very album as her item of choice. It did have a bit of a vintage look to it and I was happy that someone enjoyed it!!!! Since the item is Inactive on Etsy, I will share it on our FB page!

    Sandy said...

    Very cute! Thanks for the tips. Question though? How do you store all your minis?

    Pammie Kay said...

    It was a fun album to make. Sandy, I store my mini's in a basket in my scrap room. I have several of them just placed around the house..living room, guest room, etc. When I have company, someone will always pick one up and comment on it.

    NickelNook said...

    That's just too cute! Now when you say a tape runner will let go, are you referring to an ATG gun? Or do you mean the smaller less sticky tape runners? Thanks very much!...Nancy :o)

    Pammie Kay said...

    Nancy, I had used a smaller one...the Herma tape. I think the adhesive in an ATG would probably hold really well. I use them quite a bit, but I am in love with my ZipDry and a PVA glue from Club Scrap,. Careful, the PVA is for book binding and will wrinkle just paper...use sparingly on chipboard

    NickelNook said...

    Okay, that's good to know! Thanks very much Pammie!...Nancy :o)

    bless her heart said...

    Great album - love the fish shape! I actually sell mini albums at craft shows and have gotten pretty adept at making them! You're right about cardstock - thin paper is much better! I Mod-Podge everything to the chipboard! A tip for getting good chipboard: make friends with the people who work the scrapbook area at whatever craft store you frequent. Ask them if they'll give you the chipboard sheet that comes with the stacks of paper they stock. You'll have a never ending supply!

    JustYolie said...

    LOL! That's so funny...the smallest fish in the world! Great mini-book! :)

    Luisa said...

    I love your fish shape mini album! I recently decided that I will do mini albums of events, like Graduations, Weddings, Xmas Celebrations, etc. besides a layout or two for our albums. They are easier to be admire and they make great home decor in the studio.
    Thanksfor sharing your awesome mini with us Pammy!