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Friday, July 8, 2011

Hello from Pammie Kay!

Hi girls. It's Pammie Kay. I have the first tip of the week, but first I want to tell you a little bit about myself.
     I am a retired SAHM of 3 grown children.  I have 3 Grandsons and a Granddaughter (I'm sure you'll see lots of them!).  When my daughter joined the Navy I purchased a very small scrapbook store and became SOOO obsessed with the craft.  After 4 yrs we moved to Chicago area so I had to close my store.   I still stay very close to the store in my town, as it is run by my friends!

     This is the only design team I have been on. I've been on the Administrative Design Team for a year now and I must say it has been fun!  My duties recently have been to head up the Mini Albums and Book of Me group. They are really 2 different groups, but sometimes they run into each other! I enjoy the BOM group because  I love talking about me!  But more importantly I want my kids to know how I feel about certain things and how I became who I am.  I am an un-apologetic Christian, in love with God who created all things.  And I hope my love comes across in my layouts. 
    My favorite scrapbook tool is my exacto blade.  I use it on almost every project and layout.  My style has become very artistic of late, but I still revolve back around to simple layouts!
     Thanks for joining us!  To see some of my work, you can browse my gallery at Creative Scrapbooking Divas. 

       It's my first post here and I can't tell you how stoked I am about this.  I will miss the chatter in the forum, but we can do the same here with comments.  My first assignment is to give you a tip..horse #4 in the 3rd race!  Ok, maybe not THAT  kind of tip.

   Those who know me, know I never do anything according to directions!  Call it being a free spirit, a rebel, impulsive...I'm all three!  I just have to add my own touch to things.  That's why I get kits and never finish them..I used to feel boxed in by THEIR ideas!  So the tip is...let yourself go!  Do your own thing!  Throw away the instructions and go wild!  Ok, the last one may be a step too far!

   Here is a card that was in a kit from Pine Cone Press (love their stuff).  I loved the birdy and the circle bottom...but being me it needed to be more!  So after I glued the circles to the back of the mat, I fussy cut around them to make a scalloped edge. 

 The thing I dislike about home made cards is that the outside is so adorable, and the inside is "just there".  Even card kits don't give you an idea about inside decor or sentiments.  BORING!  The sentiment on the outside already called for  some scribbles around it, so I carried that to the inside.  I inked it up and took a scrap of coordinating paper for a large mat.  I feel it made it look complete and leaves room for me to write a short note.
  So that's my tip.  I have a little blog candy, a card kit I put together, for anyone who shows me how they added some doodling to their project.  Just leave a link where to find it, and I will randomly pick a winner. 
Do something Divalishous with some paper today!

Pammie Kay
See you all soon!


Jessica said...

Wow, Pammie K...I love this pic of you. The last pics was a side view in a car, i think, but this one shows your smile shining bright!!! Great Bio!!!

JustYolie said...

I agree with Jess! You look so beautiful!

Pammie Kay said...

Thanks girls! This was taken at my birthday dinner in Kansas City. Thought I needed a better one!

Jessica said...

Gorgeous card Pam and I love to doodle on my creations sometimes. Sometimes it's just the right amount of extra oomph that a project needs.

Luisa said...

Adorable card Pam!

Lisa West said...

I love this and the birdie. Sometimes we forget the easiest little details that make a page or card special. Thanks for the tip! Lisa