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Monday, July 25, 2011

2 Tier Serving Tray

This idea was not mine, so credit where credit is due goes to Jeanne's design as well as her mother, Rosemary's take on the project.  I love visiting their blog, Building It On Pennies to see their latest and greatest creations.  There have been so many inspiring ones, that to list them all, would take up the whole page.  So be sure to go over and have a look around.  I am positive that you will see something to suit your fancy and that you will be amazed at the low cost of creating an item or project yourself.

I have been SO EAGER to try this concept out and during my last venture to the Goodwill, I hunted for about 20 minutes for the right items to purchase and use.  I went through all of the dishes available, picking one up, then laying it down.  Then I picked it up again.  I thought to myself, "do I choose all white, then spray paint them all to match?  Do I pick coordinating colors?"  I played with these ideas and then I did the same thing with candlesticks and vases, "Should the center piece be taller, more slender, transparent?"  When choosing your items, be sure to test the structure to be sure the dinner plate will hold the vase/candlestick flush against itself as well as the salad plate resting flat on top. 

My final choices were:
11" Royal Norfolk Dinner Plate (green)........... Cost $1.00
8" Gibson Salad Plate (plum).......................... Cost $0.75

5 1/2" Decorative vase (white) ........................Cost $1.00

I really like this color palette!  :O)  I also love the character the vase has. The opalescent shine and the decorative dimples made the final decision easy.  Not to mention, the total cost being under $3.00!!!!

And I am hoping that the glue I am choosing will be strong enough to last.  I am using Quick Grip as it is an all-purpose adhesive that is water/weather proof and paintable, should the need arise to ever touch up the serving tray.  It also dries Crystal Clear (fingers crossed).  I decided to not use the SureHold adhesive because in order to waterproof, it would require spreading the adhesive over the entire surface of the tray.  Also, it is suggested (on the label) to not place the adhesive on painted surfaces.


So, this is the final project...I would love to read your thoughts!


Luisa said...

Love it Jessica! You are sooo creative and love to save money too!

Jessica said...

Thanks Luisa....I do try to be frugal! LOL!

NickelNook said...

That's fantastic Jessica! I think you chose just the right pieces in just the right colors! I really like that combination! What a fun piece! Thank you for sharing it!...Nancy :o)

Pammie Kay said...

I could see that stand covered in little bowls filled with bling on my scrap shelf! Or cookies, but the first is less fattening!
I guess the adhesive worked the way you wanted? Going to get supplies...out of my buffet!

Sandy said...

Love it, I bet it would look real elegant with two crystal plates/clear glass plates. Got check out the thrift store this weekend, lol!

Building It On Pennies said...

I LOVE IT! Great pics on the plates and vase. Thanks for the shout out.

JustYolie said...

Wonderful!! I would love to see some cupcakes on the trays. LOL

Jessica said...

Yummy cupcakes and muffins....I can almost smell them now!

Building It On Pennies said...

I love your serving tray the colors are awesome. I'm glad you enjoy our blog. Thanks for the credit.