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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sew Simple Techniques!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

One of my favorite embellishments to add to a layout is sewing, but although my mom & my sisters sew, I do not. What's a girl to do when so many of my favorite projects feature sewing? Today I'm sharing with you a few ways to get the look without having to pull out the sewing machine!

First & foremost, I'll admit that I do own a sewing machine, and from time to time I'll use it for my layouts.
See? Love the look.

However, changing the threads and bobbins,

figuring out the tension and stitch length, etc.

are still challenging for me,

so I'm happy to have some alternatives!

Option 1 involves using a new tool, (for me anyway!) the Sew Easy Stitch Piercer & mat by We R Memory Keepers. This tool pierces your paper in a straight line or pattern so that you can easily hand stitch your colored thread of choice.

How it works:

Decide where you want your threaded line to go. Lay your paper across the pink mat. Take your stitch tool & insert the head with the desired pattern. Roll the piercer across the paper, perforating the paper. Once that's done, thread your needle with embroidery thread. ( TIP: embroidery thread is thick, so separate 2-3 strands of thread from the main strand so it'll go through the holes easier. We R also sells twine & thread specifically for this tool, but I just used emb. thread from my local craft store.) Now just hand stitch your design! If you'd like to learn more about this tool, just click here. You'll also find tutorial videos and a downloadable Adobe document of tips & pics.

Even easier is option 2: Border punches!

Border punches are tools that most crafters already have in their stash, so let's put them to work! All you have to do is punch your border, & depending on the size of your holes, thread them with embroidery thread or ribbon. Building on their Sew Easy success, We R Memory Keepers has now come out with the Sew Ribbon crafting tools, which will basically do what I've just described. Find it here.

Hope you've found an inspiring new technique to add some flair to your paper projects today! Let us know how you use it!

Happy Crafting~



NickelNook said...

Great tips Stephanie! I've never thought of using my border punches for stitching! I have to go through my collection and see what works! Thanks very much!...Nancy :o)

Jessica said...

Wow, I never thought about using a border punch....how super creative !
Great tips Steph!!!

Sandy said...

Love the new sew ribbon,esp the zig zag, gonna have to check those out!

Pammie Kay said...

I usually stitch by poking holes with my "pokey thingy" and using floss. I think I will invest in one of those sew easy tools. Thanks for the tips

Luisa said...

I love both options, but second one is my fave. I have tons of border punches and never ever thought of using them as sewing templates. thanks a lot for the great tip Steph!!!
Sewing machine, I own one two, but I hardly take it out to sew clothes!!!

A Sarasota said...

Really love both options, brilliant!!

JustYolie said...

So that's what that lil' gadget does! LOL I love the idea! Even if you don't use thread it will look great! :)