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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hello from Luisa!

Hi Divas... this is Luisa!!!

Let´s get to know more about Admin DT Diva Luisa:

1) Tell us about you (yourself, your family and sb accomplishments)
My name is Luisa Morgan.  Am Mexican, Mother of 2 young ladies whom I adore, Gemini gal (and loving it), HR Specialist and a passionate (or should I said addicted) scrapbooker for the last 6+ years. 
I love the ocean smell, breeze and sound.  Am an avid reader and crafter - actually "the craftie" of my family. 
As far as a scrapbooker accomplishments, my best experiences has been a member of Artes Laura and Card Cupids Design Team as well as Co-founder of CSDivas!!!

2) How you started scrapbooking?
It's funny for almost 2 years I watched a TV show "Cuts and Memories" and always liked what they presented.  Then one day I was at Michaels looking for some flowers and I ended up at the scrapbook aisles.  Immediately search for a paper trimmer, exacto knife, scissors, self healing mat, some papers and tons of stickers...  I remember this happened in January and by February I attended my first Scrapbook Expo at San Diego and here I am...

3) What is included in your basic sb tools case/tote?
- Paper Trimmer
- Scissors
- Paper Piercer
- Sanding Kit
- Black and Brown Distress Ink
- Black and Brown Pens
- Sponges
- Staples
- 1" circle
4) What is your go to:
Tool/Gadget: Distressing  Kit, fully loaded with all the accesories!!!
Technique: Distressing!!!  From sanding picture edges with a sanding file, to using distress inkpads directly onto paper or with a sponge!  I love to distress things...

5) What is your favorite color combination?
Brown, Cream, Green, Blue!!!  But I also like Brown, Pink and White and lately Black and White with a bright color like Red, Pink, Yellow!  Edited 7/4/11 Recently discover the Grey hues with bright color combo and am loving it!!!

6) If you were a sb supply, what would you be?
Ribbon or Buttons!!!

7) Do you have an embellishment or technique that you always use in your projects?
Technique: Distressing. 
Embellishment:  I would say ribbon and bling bling!

8) Where you create?
In my SB Area, which is like 60% of my bedroom.  Am saving for my dream SB Room to be build next year!

9) What you like about CSDivas?
Camaraderie, the challenges, since am a "challenge girl" and above all the great friendships I have made at CSDivas!

10) This or That
- cardstock or pattern- patternpaper
- brads or eyelets- brads... I don't like eyelets.  Have a few for challenges!
- neat & clean or messy scrapper- As messy as I can! 
- traditional, hybrid or digital - Traditional 85%, Hybrid  10%, Digital 5%
- early bird or night owl - Definetely a night owl
- tea or coffee- Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!  Coffe is "the beverage".  In my mind you drink tea when you are sick! lol.

Well, you know a lot of things about me now.  You may also want to know that I will be sharing Organization Tips and Ideas as well as Project 12 sketches and layouts!!

What is Project 12???  Well is a monthly review layout, where you gather a bunch of pictures of the events and highlights of the month.  It's an approach that work great for me, because sometimes I can not scrapbook the whole event, but if I do my Monthly Review Layout of the month.  I have them in an album and everybody enjoys watching them... Will share more about it in my firsts posts!
Here are some of my Project 12 layouts:

For August 2010 I added back to school pictures, my job summer picnic pictures, mini pizzas my daughter and I bake and granny in pajamas and modeling!

For January 2010 I included a ´cousins´ pictures, 3 Wise Men celebration at work and my art journal!

For July, 2010 I choose pictures of another summer picnic from work, me at my office, our garden and William (our pet) at the Park!

For June, I included pictures of my BD Banner at work, cupakes from a GNO, Granny pictures, the BD cake my daughter cook for me and my sister new house!

For May 2010 I included pictures of my blog banner, William at bed and sleeping, my niece with her Graduation dress, my daughter with William and my new itso cubes at my sb area!

For October, 2010, you guessed right!  Iincluded Halloween pictures [actually behind the Shrek custom guy, my cousin, are 9 more photos of our Halloween Party], my cousin Lupis BD party, wrestling match fight [I love them and it´s my dark side! lol], a group photo from a boothcamp at work and William!
Did you notice that some months have a lot of events and someones don´t?  That is no problem at all!  Add dayly life pictures, your places, your family, your pet and you!!!

At last but not least, here are June and July's sketches from http://www.scrapbookandcards.com/ , should you want to start creating your layouts!

June 2011 sketch!

July 2011 sketch

Welcome to "CSDivas, the Blog"  We have exciting plans scheduled and am sure you will love being a Diva!!!

Hugs your way...


Jessica said...

Luisa, your intro bio is amazing. I learned a lot more than I had already known. Fabulous P-12 layouts friend!

Lolis said...

Luisa, I loved your bio!! Great layouts I can't wait to start on Project 12 amazing idea! LOVE it! I'm definitely starting it! I'm looking forward to your challenges!

JustYolie said...

Beautiful layouts and love your bio! :)

Lisa West said...

Thanks for the sketches. I totally agree with coffee being the best drink. I love it flavored or with flavored creamer. This is a great way to catch up with the design team!! Lisa