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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tutorial: Upcycled Cereal Box Covers

Want a new way to upcycle your cereal box cardboard, and make cute notebooks at the same time? Here's a simple quick tut for you!
First, gather your cereal box of choice, notebook, trimmer with ruler, pen or pencil, and sharp craft scissors. Next, measure your cover and transfer the measurements to your cereal box cover with pen or pencil. Decide if you want to punch the edges for a spiral binding, or leave the edge as is and glue down only. Finally, carefully cut your cereal box and glue it to the cover, covering with mod podge or spray sealant to make it more durable. Voila! Trendy _and_ green living.

{covers by Mushki; see blog link below for credits}

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bless her heart said...

very cute idea! We go through cereal like crazy, so it would be nice to recycle the boxes!
Thanks for the idea!
~ Stephanie

NickelNook said...

So cute! I could do that with my Apple Jacks! I love Apple Jacks and it's not always around...it would be a memory and upcycle thing! Thanks very much!...Nancy :o)