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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Octagon Christmas Gift Boxes

Today, I want to share with you some octagon boxes that I made last Christmas. (sorry that the pictures are not the best)

I was so excited when I made these!!  And seeing them again, makes me excited all over again!   About this same time last year, I had just discovered Sure-Cuts-A-Lot (SCAL) and once I started cutting using my Cricut and the SCAL together.......I was absolutely hooked!!  Hooked line and sinker!!  I absolutely love love love my Cricut Cartridges....and I sure have plenty of them...but I find myself more on my laptop using SCAL. (I think it's a visual thing.)

Enough of my ramblings.....here are the 3 boxes I made...... 

There are four (4) different cuts and you will need to multiples of each cut.  One (1) cut is the octagon for the lid and another cut for the bottom of the box.   The octagon for the lid is slightly bigger.  The good thing is the SVG files are already sized for you and do not need any adjustments.   There are four (4) cuts needed for the sides of the lid as well as the four (4) sides of the bottom of the box.  All it takes is some scoring, folding and some glue.  They are pretty easy to put together.  My one suggestion is to make sure you have really sturdy card stock!  I used these boxes to wrap up some scarves and gift cards.

I got the boxes from SVG Cuts and this particular box is in their Big Boutique Boxes Kit.  This is one of my favorite sites to get SVG files.  They also have free weekly SVG files as well.

I am just mad about SVG files!

I hope you liked my boxes!

Happy Crafting!!



Jessica said...

Michelle, these are terrific! I wish I had a program to cut SVG files, I would be MAD about them too!!!
TFS Sweetie!

Karen L said...

These are awesome! I really love the first box...love the colors and the patterned paper on the top looks almost like stitching! No Cricut here...so I wouldn't be able to use the files but love what you did!

Luisa said...

Awesome boxes Michelle! How big are they?