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Friday, August 5, 2011

Tip of the Week, August 5th

Photographing Food for Layouts

1.) Use natural lighting

Whenever you can, try to shoot using natural lighting. Shoot during the day outside if you can or near a window where you would get plenty of natural sunlight. Avoid having the flash hit the items directly, it will wash out the color.

2.) Take advantage of settings and props

Remember the KISS rule, and Keep It Simple, Stupid, lol!
Use only one or two props, for example, one flower or arrangement in a simple vase, or one statuette, or one kitchen item. Don’t make it fussy.

3.) Keep clean and simple backgrounds

Afraid the background will compete with the food image? Then stick to a plain white background, a wall, or a floor, or use two pieces of white cardstock in a chair! Simple. Uncluttered. Focused.
Also, make sure there is a color contrast between the background and the food, don’t have the two be the same color or a similar shade.

4.) Zoom in and/or use macro setting

Sometimes you can appreciate pattern, texture, and detail if you get up close! As well as taking full photos, use your macro shots as well. Fine details can add interest and give you new points of view to work with!

5.) Show me the money! Or What’s inside?

Show the layers! Take out a slice and display the inside as well as the outside. Hard to do with soups, easy with cakes and pies.

6.) Take wide angle shots of groupings.

Nice filler shots.

7.) Sweat the small stuff

Make sure everything is clean and orderly. Seems obvious now, doesn’t it?

Do you have any more ideas, tips and tricks to share when it comes to food photography? Please share!


Lolis said...

Great tips, sometimes I use my OTT light when natural light is not enough. I also set my flash to a negative number so I can take a better close up.

AngelaR said...

Oh wow! I've been gone for a while!! I was stuck in Texas during the heat wave ... and it's still going on down there! Nice blog ladies!! I'll be joining in on the challenges just as soon as I finally find all my supplies again!

Karen L said...

Great tip about using natural light. I'm starting to do that a lot more now. The flash just washes everything out and makes it look flat!