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Thursday, August 25, 2011

August Book of Me Prompt

  Morning Divas...or for me I should say "mid-morning".  I am trying to post this while on my trip to Oklahoma, using my son's laptop.  Some day I will tell you what I think of laptops....let's just say if I hover on something too long, it automatically goes to it...aaarrrgggghhh.  I couldn't post last night, cause he sleeps with it in his room!  Boys...
    I had planned to be back "home" in Illinois by now, but I have a cousin with late stage lung cancer, who I am getting in all the visiting with I can.  So my layout for this is in Illinois & I am in Oklahoma...when I realized it was due!  Sorry gals.  But because I did my layout here...no pictures and the prompt has changed.
   Being at my real home in Oklahoma always causes me to really be homesick.  Therefore the prompt...is home.  This is a personal journey for all of us.  For some home is warm and fuzzy, full of wonderful memories.  But sometimes home can be a place of hurt and regrets.  I would like you to write about home...any home you have lived in...where you grew up, first home in marriage, or your current home. Or maybe even about a dream home, not yet realized.
   Here is an "untouched" picture of my layout. (there is no photo editing program on his laptop!)  I took this on the front porch of my Oklahoma home.
I used the Nutmeg line from Cosmo Cricket.  I love double sided paper!  This was one piece of paper, cut in two pieces (top is larger) and pulled together with a strip of paper that I pleated 

   Here is a closeup of the heart and paper strip.  I love that the paper had dashes on it, to mimic stitching.  I didn't have access to a trimmer, so I "cut" everything out by hand, using a really unsharp pair of round pointed scissors! Itore the large pieces and paper strip using the straight edge of a ruller. Then I ripped the heart shape, after drawing it on the back of the page.  Some home made flowers to match and I was finished. 
   I love the birdie on the title strip, so I fussy cut one off of the dotted paper and popped it on foam dots. I covered the hole where the birdie came from with the title.  The journal box on right is just for the picture. I will need a MUCH larger block to write all I have to say about home being where my heart is.
    Hope you enjoy working on this prompt.  I would love to see how yours turns out, so leave a comment and a link to see your work.  And have a divalishious day!

Pammie Kay


Karen L said...

This is just adorable and I love the way you covered the space where you cut out the bird! Never thought to do that...now I don't have to waste the whole sheet of paper if I want to cut something out of it!

A Sarasota said...

love the Nutmeg paper! just beautiful work, Pam...

Lisa West said...

I love this lay-out, one to keep for scraplifing! Love the little flowers. I started keeping track of all the ways to make flowers, I need to try more variations. These look fairly easy. Lisa

Pammie Kay said...

Thanks for the comments girls. I am going to continue this as a monthly prompt, with blog candy on my personal blog. I know it (personal Blog) has been ignored, but I just couldn't keep up with 2 at the same time!! (3 rally, cause I have started one for my LSS in Oklahoma) Come see me and load up your layouts for a chance to win prizes!