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Monday, August 22, 2011

MON: Scrapbooking / Home Decor / Gifts

Welcome to another edition of Monday Home Decor and Gifts! So glad you are joining again!

Today I want to share with you a project I was able to share with my kids.  We took time to make individual door signs for each of the 3 smaller ones to place on the door to their rooms.  I allowed each one to add their own "flare" and the materials were mostly upcycled, too.  So bonus for the kids and bonus for being green.

I saved some old cardboard pieces from different items such as new lamps, cereal boxes, and the divider between the two levels of a 24 pack of pop (or soda for those of you on the East Coast  :O) .

Each child was able to choose their paper of choice, some letters for their names (stickers and chipboard), and extra embellishments.  We used designer ribbon as the hanger and Voila.....

Name Plaques for their doors!!!!

Gabriella's Room
(she wanted a swirled edge and lots of color)

 Lance Jr's Room
(we formed the star by rolling wired ribbon and using heavy duty glue to adhere them into a star shape)

Ariana's Room
(we used two types of ribbon with the bow being made from wired ribbon)



Luisa said...

Great projects and am sure your children are sooo happyto get this door plates! TFS

bless her heart said...

Great idea Jess! My kids would love this! TFS!
~ Stephanie

A Sarasota said...

such a wonderfully cute idea!