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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Be Still....

This is Pammie Kay and I am going to be leading you on your  faith booking journey. I want to talk about something, before I begin.
   I am a Christian, have been all my life.  I love God with all my heart.  That said, I want to say that I realize that not everyone is.  It is my hope that these posts will not alienate any of our Divas or cause you not to be part of our group.  Faith is a broad word in the secular world and can be interpreted in many ways.  I pray that in the spirit of scrap booking...you will continue to share your layouts...even in this area.
   Ok, onward!!
    I must apologize for my not being prepared with photos...I am in Oklahoma with my family and left my flash drive on the desk!  But I will give you the prompt for this week and follow it up with pictures as soon as possible.
   The other day,I was hurried to get things done...layouts, projects, dinner, laundry...you know how it is.  All of a sudden, the the thought, "Be still"  entered my mind  I know it was a message that God needed me to hear.."Be still..and know I am God".  Things would get done..in the order He wanted it done.
   So the prompt today is "Be Still". What does that mean to you? I  will say that my layout is about the place I love to be still in.  Use your heart and take it where you where it will. 
   I can't wait to see what you create.
Pammie Kay


A Sarasota said...

What a wonderful prompt! How often we do forget to "be still" and listen...

3 Kid Crop Shop said...

Great idea. Blog Candy at my place. Come visit.



Lisa West said...

Hi Pammie, I came over to see if anyone had posting for faithbooking in a while. I am working on a 8x8 book that is specifically a faithbook for one of my daughters. Then have another idea for the same size book for my other daughter. I would love to share when the first one is done. Just let me know how I can do that through this faithbooking link. Thanks! Lisa