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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Shape Up Your Scraproom Challenge - February!

Hello Divas...

Luisa here!  How was your January?  Hope it was great and that you were able to accomplish some of the tasks from January Shape Up Your Space Challenge !

I did finish some of them, here is my report:

1) Store your scraps! 
--> Am pretty good at this.  it was not a real challenge for me, just needed to keep up.

2) Take 10!
--> I did it.  I tool 11 boxes of partially used chipboard alphabets and with the letter available I created 2-4 Titles for future layouts (of course these are layouts I already have in mind).  In the photo from step 4, you can see to ziplock bags of chipboard alphas leftovers that am donating.

3) Declutter Your Desk Area!
--> I did it 4 times actually!  One per week, since am a very messy scrapper.  If you ask me how it is now, the answer is MESSY!  Last night I prepared page kits for my Saturday crop and also choose stamps and some embellishments and everything is on my Desk...

4) Create a Donation Station!
--> I did it!!!  Here is the proof:
These are some of the things am donating this Saturday (at the crop am attending).  There are tons of stickers, alpha chipboards (from #2 task), foam stamps, some paper, inkpads, etc.

Let us know how you do it.  Am extending the due date to post your "report for January tasks" until Feberuary 15.

Now, let's move onto February tasks:

1) Toss the Trash!
Get rid of tools in not good shape, tiny scraps, dried markers or inkpads, etc.
If you have papers that you don't like anymore or maybe from those stacks and have multiples or are tired of them.  Remember you have created your DONATION BOX, fill it up...  You will make someone else appy and yourself too, because you will have more room for new stuff and you brought happiness to someone else...

2) Organize In-Process projects (page or project kits)
We have pictures from different events.  Take the first step to create layouts with them by:
a) Sort pictures by event, date or theme
b) Choose matching pattern papers that go with them or simply organize some of theme by theme:  Xmas, BD, Girl, Boy! This will make your life easier when you want to choose which papers to use with the pictures.
c) Put your selected papers and add the pictures into a ziplock bag, 12x12 envelope (Cropper Hopper) or a 12x12 Box.  Add some stickers, matching ribbon and maybe some embellishments and you have created your first page kit.

When you are ready to create (at home or at a crop), you just need your page or project kits and tool box.  Productivity any one!!!

3) Ditch the packaging!
If you have embellishments in bulky packages, invest an hour or two, taking them from their package and organize them in a basket, drawer, ziplock bag, box, etc.  You will save tons of space!

4) Organize your tool tote/box!
Make sure to have your tool tote or box ready to create.  You should store your "go to tools" at arms reach. 
If you go to crops, I suggest you set 2 tool boxes, one for your home and one to go.  It pays off!  That way you are always ready to grab your "on the go" tool tote/box for crops or if you want to create something in your living room or kitchen and enjoy family at the same time.

You have until March 15 to complete these tasks.  Please upload your pictures to our CSDivas FB Page and tag them NAME SU - JAN2012, example: LUISA SU - JAN2012 (SU = Shape Up).

Have a wonderful week and don't forget about our giveaways.

Hugs and blessings,


Karen L said...

I've been doing ALL of these things Luisa! Funny you mentioned ditching the packaging, because I have been doing just that. I like zip lock baggies for everything because it takes up less space and I can see everything!

Karen L said...

Yay! Spent the weekend tossing out paper scraps that were smaller than 2x2, and then organizing them by color. Also organized paper elements and rub-ons, and threw out a broken punch (why did I keep it to begin with?).
My big problem now is how to store and organize my stamps so I can find what I need. My clear stamp sets have outgrown their basket..sigh

Karen L said...

So for January, I also started a donation bag to take to the Senior Center when I teach a cardmaking class and started another stack to take to the Mom's group that my daughter belongs to (for kiddie themes). Now, if I can just resist pulling things back out!
Need to organize my punches next.