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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shape up Your Scrapbooking Space w/Luisa!

Hello Divas,

Luisa here!  don't forget to add your links for :Project 12, 2011 challenge".  Chek out the link on top...

Now, let's begin the new year with some little twits!  You like twists , right?

What I mean for twists is...  My  posting days are Wednesdays and I have been organizing myself to create a weekly posting plan for you guys.  Having said that, please allow me to introduce my weeply posting plan for you:

Week 1 - Project 12
What is Project 12?  (For those who are not familiar with it!)
We create a monthly review ayout with previous month pictures (events, daily life, happenings, etc). The idea behind this project is to gather all the important happenings of one month in a 2 page layout.  This way, if you don't have time to scrapbook all the photos, that's ok, at least you will have one layout that covers the whole month.  Your family will love to see these layouts...

Here is how it works:
- I will provide an sketch and this year it will be mandatory to use it.
- I will also include a color combination to use (the twist).
- I will choose a winner every 3 months among participants who submit their 3 monthly review layouts.

Week 2 - Shape up Your Scrapbooking Space!
If you are a seasoned Diva, you know am an "organizational junkie".  Yes I love to have things organized and have to do lists and plans for everthing (crafty, at work and personal). 
Declutering my files at the end of December, I found this article from Creating Keepsakes Magazine (from 2010):

And I decided to follow this easy month by month system to help me keep my stuff organized.
Therefore, I will start posting these monthly challenges every month for you.  If you want to play with me you are more then welcome.
I will send a small RAK to each person who do each month "Shape up Your Scrapbooking Space" challenge and submit a link to their post with before and after pictures AND add a link to CSDivas Blog letting people know that you are playing our challenge.

Week 3 - Divas Sharing Our Projects! 
I will share with you how am I doing with my 2012 ongoing projects:
- P-12
- Project Life
- Art Journal
And we will love to see your creations too, so link up your projects!  We all love comments about our creations, let's share it with the CSDivas!

Week 4 - Free theme
Am leaving Week 4 as a "free theme" to post interesting, funny and creative things I found in the web.

Week 5 - Free theme (when there is a 5 week mont of course)!

How this plan sounds? My intentions are to organize my self and post interesting articles for you and to help you guys (at the same time am forcing myself) to complete your Monthly Review Layouts (P-12) and to organize our creative spaces throughout the year.

Are you with me?  Do you like the posting plan?  Please let us know!  We appreciate your feedback and love yout entries and comments...

Onto our first Shape Your Scrapbooking Challenge with the CSDivas!!!
Guess what?  I created a simple button for us! 
Am not a digi girl (don't know how to use photoshop and other photo editing programs!!) but I know how to make a button using Word, Powerpoint and Paint (all from Microsoft) and this is what came out...
If you like it, please post it in you blog and blog posts for this challenge.

Your January Missions (should you accept them) are....

1) Store Your Scraps
     Clean your desk area and put all reausable scraps in your "scraps" container.  If you
don't have a "home for your scraps" this is a good time to designate one.  You can use
an accordion folder, sterile drawers, a 3 ring binder with page protectors (one per color).  Let us know if you need ideas...

2) Take 10
    Find 10 things and put them in their space or assing them a "home".  If you do this at
least 10 days of the month, your space will be neat in tidy in no time.

3) Declutter your Desk area
    Unused supplies and papers whould be put away for use next time.  I try to do this
every time I create something, but not always I achieve it.  How many times you start
creating and use your punches, paints, stamps, pens, ribbons, buttons, etc. and you lay
eveything on your desk area?  Make it a goal to either put everything back to it's place,
right after you are done creating (best option, this way you will have a clean area
waiting for you to create!!!) or just before your next creating session (it works, but
sometimes it could de-motivate you...) You want to create not clean!!!

4) Create a Donation Station
    Find a box to put older or items you dislike.  Remember those stacks of paper you
bought and already  used inn tooo many layouts?  All lthose stickers, deco scissors,
ribbons, etc that you don't want or use anymore, could help bring a smile to a child
(hospital), elderly (resting home) or someone else.  Let's declutter our space and make
other happy!

To play along, please post a link in this post (we will post a link in a visible area for easy access).  Let me figure up how to do it... Remember, am not a digi or techy girl!

There you go... Your first mission is posted and you have 13 days to accomplish it.  Due date for this challenge is January 31st...

Hugs and blessings,


Karen L said...

Yikes! We have to post a photo of our cluttered scrap space...! Actually, I made quite a mess today, making several layouts....but I actually started the clean up process already. Now I'll be even more motivated to clean as I go (which is my favorite way to do it or I get absolutely buried under supplies and tools).

bulldoglvr said...

HaHa! Hi Girl!! I do miss P-12. I spent 6 weeks in ICU with my dad and then he passed away:( No scrapping for me for awhile. I'm his trustee, plus my boss quit and I am taking over for her, at least for the next 4 months, my Christmas tree isn't down, my publisher is banging on my door and my house looks like I should be on the next edition of hoarders. Sigh...I didn't want you to think I forgot about you! And I do love looking at what others are creating!!!!!!

Luisa said...

Karen, glad you are playing this year.
Bulldoglvr, sorry about your loss. Glad you are enjoying what you see in our blog. When you are ready do join us...

Lisa West said...

OK, so I need to go back and read the beginning again, but I am into the whole cleaning and organizing challenge. I actually started this already right after Christmas. I make such a mess from Oct to end of Dec every year that I had to get in there and clean!! So I need to post the button but not sure of the link, is that to a picture of my craft area or my blog? sorry I'm a little slow these days :) Lisa

Karen L said...

I have been organizing and cleaning like a fiend...but not sure how we are supposed to post (or where?). Of course, as soon as I organize, then I start another project and it goes sideways again!
Made myself a donation box to take to the Senior Center (pat on the back for me!)

Karen L said...

Yay!! Still organizing my space! I threw out yet more JUNK, and made room for my stamp sets by getting rid of more packaging. The biggest change was donating and tossing stuff I don't use. It was hard to do, but now I have ROOM!

Karen L said...

Just popping in to say that I have finally gotten all my clear and unmounted stamp sets organized so I can actually find what I need!
I am storing my paper scraps in large zip lock bags, which are then stored in a big basket that I have. Unfortunately, I am outgrowing that basket so either I need to get another basket...or use up those scraps more quickly!