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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Scrapbooking Yourself in 2012 | Ella Publishing Co.

Hello friends,

Since I have a laptop now... (lol) am surfing the web and just found this article, which immediately called my attention.

How often we scrapbook "about us"? Am sure that the answers are "rarely" or "never". As the memory keepers of our family we should create pages of us for our children en future generations.

I decided, back in 2006 (one year after I started scrapbooking), that I don't want my daughters to be like I am right now, with no pictures (or just a few of them) of my mom and grandma. That's why this article from Ella Publishing was very appealing to me!

And you? Do you create pages of yourself for your future generations?



1 comment:

Jessica said...

Love this link....I could get lost there for days! But that would definitely help me get some pages done!!!