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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Project 12 - November Sketch with Luisa and a Challenge!

Hi Divas!!!

How you been doing?  Hope you are doing wonderful...  I have been MIA for a while due to health issues.  Affortunately everything seems to be getting better.  Not at 100% yet but soon will be.  With the prayers of family and friends am sure God will granted an improved health to his daughter Luisa!!!

Am kind of late posting the Project 12 November Sketch this month.  And of course I have not done my October layout yet.  I do have September layout but missing the pictures and title (is in my Work In Process tray).

Anyway, here is the November Sketch, which I like more for my Year in Review Layout, since it accomodates many pictures...

It shows room for 27 pictures (aproximately 1.5" x 1.5").  I can see myself organizing 24 pictures, 2 each month for my YIR layout, which I create every year.  My family adores to view my Project 12 layouts and YIR layouts because they can see the whole year in 13 layouts.

And just wanted to give you a "heads ups" of a challenge I have for you...

The challenge is to UPLOAD YOUR PROJECT 12 LAYOUTS TO OUR "CSDIVAS FACEBOOK PAGE" no later then January 20th, 2012.  (That's plenty of time to catch up Divas).

Layouts must be a "month in review" style!  The idea is to "capture the month happenings/events/highlights" in one layout.

Use of the sketches is optional.  If like my friend Lena McCoy, who uses a calendar grid as one page of her 2 page layout, if the sketch does not work for you or ir you like to create in a more "free style" go for it!  The sketches are meant to be an aid not a burden.

Here is how to play and the chance to win some goodies:
- First ticket will be for the first 3 layouts you upload.
- One extra ticket will be earned for every extra layout you upload.
- Last day to upload your layouts is January 20th, 2012.
- Winner will be announced on January 25th, 2012. 
- We need at least 3 (non CSDivas DT) participants for this challenge!
- If we get 5 or more players I will provide a second prize too! Not including CSDivas DTs.
- This challenge is open to CSDivas DT's also.

Next Wednesday I will post all 11 sketches from P-12 (January-November), so you have all the sketches in one place and will upload them to the FB page too.

Why we are doing this?
1st.  Because we love to make people happy, the Divas Style!!!
2nd. Because, as my family does, I want your family to enjoy your layouts too.
3rd. We cant to increase the participation in our FB page!!!  and...
4th.  Xmas is just around the corner!!!  (I just invented this one...)

Who says Me, Me???  If you are not a fan of our CSDivas page, here is the link again:
"CSDivas Facebook Page"

Hugs and Blessings,


Karen L said...

Oooh, love this sketch, and since I've never done a month in review type of layout, this might actually motivate me! I'm so far behind on my scrapping, a month-in-review would probably be a good thing to try every so often!

Luisa said...

Karen, am glad that the idea of a Monthly Review layout motivates you! Hope you make it...